Passionate cooks. Friendly staff. Reasonable prices.

Vietnamese cuisine at its best, yummy international food plus popular fast food items. Open since 3rd April 2019. Check it out!

We’re a little bit different from many other restaurants: Our family-run restaurant was set up by Hanoi-born Ms. Huong (‘’Jessica’’) who is passionate about great food. She has a both legal and Food and Beverage background. She lived and worked and cooked not only in Vietnam but also in Korea, Italy and Switzerland. Unsurprisingly, creating food delights is a passion of hers. She and her team is making sure the culinary needs of both our esteemed Vietnamese and foreign customers are fully satisfied.

She is also known for creating a hospitable atmosphere and making guests feel home. Her well-travelled Swiss husband lends her a hand. Serving great tasting food and drinks fast and in a friendly and comfortable style is their goal. And they consider every customer as special at their restaurant. 

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